Located in Paris, KILIMS ADA specializes in traditional, modern or revisited vintage rugs and kilims.

Supplier of decoration shops, interior decorators and architects since 1985.

B2B. Sale exclusively for professionals.

New arrival

Our passion for kilims and carpets leads us to travel the regions of the world in search of handwoven treasures, each telling a story, reflecting a culture, and bringing an authentic touch to your space. Our rugs and kilims are carefully selected for their quality, aesthetics, and uniqueness.

Explore our extensive range of rugs and kilims, from ancient pieces with timeless charm to modern creations that blend tradition and innovation. Whether to decorate a home, add a pop of color to a space, or change the ambiance, Kilims Ada has what you need.

Our commitment to quality, authenticity, and customer satisfaction is at the heart of everything we do. Join us on this journey through the world of kilims and carpets.

Kilims ADA has been granted the STEP label for fair trade

Step Label

 This label is granted to companies for their handmade weavings manufactured and merchandised according to international fair trade standards.
 Thanks to independent controls, it guarantees:
- Proper purchase prices that allow decent wages for workers.
- Fighting against abusive child labour.
- Promoting environmentally friendly manufacturing methods.
- Development of projects aiming to improve local living conditions.
To learn more about this label, click the following link: http://label-step.org

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